The Reservation Process
  1. Prior to requesting a reservation please read the property-specific rates and details description. The description will provide general information. Feel free to call at anytime for further details. From time to time, specific property conditions, inventory, decor and rates may change without our knowledge and therefore cannot be warranted. We pride ourselves on offering quality accommodations, therefore we frequently inspect all of the accommodations offered for your satisfaction and comfort.

  2. All reservations are conditioned upon the approval of your executed Reservation Application and Agreement by the owner of the property and our office. Accommodations are provided for the maximum number of guests indicated and for quiet residential enjoyment. Weddings, parties, receptions, luaus and other gatherings are usually not permissible. You or a representative are offered the opportunity to inspect a property, with a pre-scheduled appointment which is subject to availability, before entering into a Reservation Application and Agreement.

  3. Most accommodations ask for a minimum 7 nights payment. You may vacate early, however no refund for unused nights will be granted. If you can stay only 5 or 6 nights please inquire as some properties may be flexible depending on the circumstances. Most accommodations offer reduced rates for longer stays, particularly if renting for at least three weeks. Low Season Rates usually are from after Easter until early June and after Labor Day until mid November or mid December. Christmas rates generally apply from mid December until shortly after New Year's and generally require a 14 night minimum payment term and are at higher rates than any other time of year. High season rates usually are from after New Year's until after Easter and from early June through Labor Day. All accommodations are provided in clean condition upon arrival. The owners of some properties pay for cleaning after you depart up to a reasonable average amount, or you may be pre-billed for check-out cleaning. In all cases, the cost to remedy excess messiness or soiling or staining may be billed to your security deposit as an extra expense. Some homes provide daily or extra mid-week or mid-stay housekeeping service paid by the owner. You may hire optional additional cleaning with advance notice.

  4. To make a reservation ask for a Reservation Application and Agreement after you have flights on hold. All accommodations are subject to availability until the Reservation Application and Agreement is received with the requested payment amount. The initial payment requested is usually 50% of the total due with the balance to be paid 60 to 90 days prior to arrival. If reserved within the final payment window full payment will be due immediately.

  5. Please read the cancellation policy detailed on the agreement very carefully. In general, you may receive a refund upon cancelling only if the same dates are re-reserved by another party at the same rate. A cancellation fee may apply to any refund. Policies for private home & villa reservations are different than for hotel-resorts and most condominium apartments. We strongly suggest you consider adding trip interruption/lodging cancellation coverage.

  6. You will be asked to pay a cash Security Deposit which varies by property. You will also be asked to provide a back-up Credit Card Guarantee. The guarantee allows us to keep the cash Security Deposit to a reasonable minimum amount. Kindly note that owners will not provide their homes unless both the cash deposit and the credit card guarantee are provided prior to arrival. If you request staffing, activities, and other personal optional services you will be asked to establish a separate incidentals account, much like at a hotel.

  7. Private dwellings may experience unexpected mechanical problems from time to time. While all homes are maintained and inspected regularly, there may be small mechanical failures that were difficult to notice or that occur during your vacation. Both our company and the home-owners endeavor to repair or replace devices, structures, appliances or inventory that fail as soon as possible, however in some cases it may be impractical or impossible to do so immediately or during the remaining dates of your occupancy. While Maui is well developed, it is still a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a less than perfect infrastructure. Access to parts and services on-island is sometimes limited. Small mechanical defects will not void or alter a reservation agreement. If you are severely inconvenienced, you may be offered a refund, partial credit, or the opportunity to relocate to an upgraded accommodation should a dwelling become un-inhabitable due to some rare and extreme circumstance.

  8. All rates are cash rates. Payment is accepted by personal or company check, money order or bank wire transfer. Credit Cards including Master Card, Visa, AMEX, and Discover may be used. We reserve the right to apply a bank cost recovery fee ranging from 3.25-3.75% additional for credit card payments.

  9. At the time a Reservation Application and Agreement are issued we will disclose any known construction activity on nearby properties. If during the course of a vacation, construction activity is initiated which we did not have prior knowledge of, the rental Agreement shall remain in effect and rates will not be adjusted.

  10. All beaches and shorelines in Hawai'i are public. You may access the beaches in front of all hotels and in resort areas at leisure. Likewise, the beaches fronting private homes are public. Maui County beach parks have designated access pathways and free public parking. The county has recently added restrooms, showers and BBQ-picnic facilities to most locations. Maui is blessed with many spectacular beaches. The shore break and wave activity can vary from hour to hour in all locations on the island so please consult with County lifeguard staff regarding safe swimming conditions and strictly observe all posted signs and flags. Always swim or enter the ocean with a buddy and never turn your back to the waves.

  11. You will be provided with our unique and truly professional hotel-style Personal Concierge Service. Additional information regarding Maui will be provided after making your final payment. Please view the Concierge Services page of this web brochure for ideas of services we may arrange on your behalf. Once you are on island our staff are available during business hours to answer any questions you may have and to arrange for adventures such as helicopter flight-seeing, sailing, scuba diving, luaus, and much more! We will drop by your villa and give you a personal orientation as it suits your family's needs. We are available after hours, over weekends and on holidays for emergency assistance.

  12. Hawaii has a tropical climate, so despite diligent chemical pest control efforts most private homes, apartments, and even luxury hotels may experience a modicum of insects at any time. Please keep counter tops and sinks clear of food and water and you will help prevent little critters and bugs from having a picnic in your kitchen!

  13. Standard property amenities include a message machine or voice mail, outdoor grill, cotton bed and bath linens, kitchen cooking utensils and service ware, large and small appliances, media equipment including an assortment of televisions, CD, VCR, DVD, phones, hair dryers, washer/dryer, iron/board, and ceiling fans. Additional optional amenities include bathrobes, high speed wired or wireless internet access, beach chairs and towels, fax, gym equipment and office equipment. All homes are stocked with a starter supply of soap, paper and cleaning products. Please make additional purchases on an as needed basis which you need not replace prior to departure. Baby supplies and other special materials or equipment can be rented with advance notice.

  14. Some homes have swimming pools which are not heated and very few have child safety fencing. Most homes have lockable sliding doors to help keep toddlers indoors, however if renting an accommodation with a pool you may wish to bring along a suitable warning device to monitor the safety of your children. If your home does not have a swimming pool, there are several very nice public aquatic centers with adult lap pools and kiddie pools. They are free to visitors and citizens alike, operate daily, have heating, and are situated in the outdoors.

  15. Gardening, lawn cutting, pool/spa cleaning, and exterior cleaning are usually provided once per week and are mandatory services paid by the owner. They are essential for the upkeep of the property and may not be canceled. More frequent service pool/spa service may be available at extra cost.

  16. Homes are NOT air conditioned unless stated in the property description. Refreshing trade winds and ceiling fans usually help keep conditions reasonably comfortable. Hawai'i is located in the tropics and we do experience warm summers with some humidity.

  17. June through November is Hurricane Season. Most beach or ocean front homes are in tidal wave inundation zones. We can experience rain or high winds at intervals throughout the year. Remember you can burn under clouds even in winter here! A Reservation Agreement is not negated by inclement weather unless a major storm occurs and mandatory evacuation occurs in which case most home-owners will be flexible with regards to refunds. Trip Interruption/Lodging Cancellation programs usually provide coverage in the event of a delays or a cessation of travel services in the event of inclement weather.